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Slow Set Flexible S1 Tile Adhesive 20kg

Professional slow setting S1 super flexible wall and floor adhesive. Ultra S1 high flex adhesive has been specially formulated to provide extended workability needed when laying large format tiles and intricate work. Polymer modified to provide a S1 level of flexibility the adhesive is designed for areas with moderate levels of vibration and surface movement often experienced with wood floors and non structural walls.


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Slow Set Flexible S1 Tile Adhesive 20kg

Key Features.

S1 Flexible and requires no additives to mix, (only water required).
Suitable for wall and floors.
Suitable for ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles.
Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.
Ideal for fixing tiles to most common building substrates including sand/cement render, screeds, brick and block work, existing tiled surfaces and over boarded wooden floors.
Once set is totally water proof.
Once set is totally water proof.
Suitable for internal and external use, (frost and ice resistant).
Unparalleled sump and slip resistance, (floor tiles will not sink down into adhesive as the adhesive is drying.
Massive grab / non slip formula, wall tiles & even heavy stone tiles, once positioned will not slip down the wall whilst adhesive is setting.
Mixes very easily and consistently.
Available in white and Grey so the Colour will not bleed through natural stone tiles or show up under glass tiles of the same Colour.

Technical Specifications.

Standard Conformities: EN 12004 Class C2 TE S1.
Coverage 3 - 10sqm per 20kg depending upon, floor or wall application. Surface irregularities, depth of adhesive required.
Bed thickness: 3mm - 20mm.
Working Time @ 20°c +/- 2 hours
Set time: +/- 16 hours.

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