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10mm Under Tile Thermal Insulation Boards

Underfloor Heating World, Under tile and stone hard thermal insulation boards are designed for use directly under tiles and stone floors. When used under underfloor heating the board greatly increases the response rate and overall efficiency of all under floor heating systems. These boards are especialy affective when installed over a concrete sub floor.


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10mm Under Tile Thermal Insulation Boards

Our insulation boards can be stuck down with the same tile adhesive being used to complete your tiling

10mm thick insulation boards are the recommended size however if you have any height restrictions then we would recommend the 6mm hard insulation boards

Key Features.

High Compression Loading, (35 tonnes per sqm).
Safe and easy to handle.
Easy to cut and install.
Greatly reduces heat loss.
Speeds up response rate of heating system.
Increases efficiency of heating system.
Not suitable with mosaics.

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