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200w Under Tile Heating Mat Kits 26sqm

Underfloor heating world advanced DUEL CORE heat mat Kits covering 26m2 are designed for use under tile and stone floors. Suitable for use as a primary heat source they are available from just 1sqm mats and upward. These underfloor heating mats are tough durable and easy to fit. Please don't hesitate to contact ourselves if you have any questions, 01803 316060. Our time and advice is FREE...


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200w Under Tile Heating Mat Kits 26sqm

Underfloor Heating World under tile and stone heating kits include,

• 26m2 Underfloor Heating System.
• Digital/Touch screen Programmable Air & Floor Thermostat and floor probe. (Optional)
• Additional Fixing Tape. (Included with Thermostat options)
• Full fitting instructions and warranty card.
• Lifetime warranty on heating system.
• Free next working day delivery.
• Free technical help line.

200w/sqm kits are ideal for use as a primary heat source and are suitable for use in high heat loss areas such as conservatories. Alternatively this system can simply be used to warm your chosen floor area and at 200w/sqm will be sure to provide a responsive heating under all tile and stone flooring. To be used as a primary heat source the floor and building must be suitable insulated and a minimum of 70+ % floor area must be covered with this heating.

Multiple mats can be used in conjunction with each other for any sized area however if the loading exceeds 16amps usually over (18sqm @ 200w) the thermostat will require a contactor/relay.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact ourselves. Our time and advice is free and we are here to help. 01803 316060

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