i9 Touchscreen Thermostat

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Underfloor Heating World i9 Touchscreen Thermostat

The Underfloor Heating World i9 Touchscreen Thermostat can be used to control all electric floor heating systems and virtually all water heating systems. Packed with lots of clever features it keeps your home at a comfortable temperature whilst saving you money and minimising energy use.

Available in two stylish colours, Piano Black, or Piano Black with Chrome surround. Fitted with a beautiful super sensitive flush glass screen, the large 4.2″ touch screen makes using this thermostat a true pleasure. The thermostat can be fully programmed to run your heating using the touch screen.

Can switch up to 16 ampsAuto Mode
Hold ModeHoliday Mode
Frost ModeOpen Window Detection
Adaptive / Learning FunctionMultiple Thermostats & Multiple Users can all be connected together
1-Year manufacturer’s warranty

Black / Chrome, Black

Max. Load

16 amps / 3600 watts

Thermostat Type


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