Underfloor Heating World Foil Mat Kit – 150w

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Underfloor Heating World Foil Mat Kit – 150w

Underfloor Heating World foil mats are ideal for use in any room including bathrooms and even wet areas. The heat mats can be cut and turned leaving the wire uncut. To achieve the required floor coverage multiple mats can be joined together to cover large areas.

When fitting underfloor heating suitable insulation should always be used, especially over concrete subfloors as they absorb heat in seconds and the insulation layer bounces the heat straight up into your room. The insulation will not only increase the response rate but also help maintain a highly efficient underfloor heating system.


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Supply Voltage

230 / 240v 50hz

Mat Width


Connection Tail

3m Long Cold / Connection Tails


Full Fitting Instructions and Warranty Card Included


Lifetime Warranty on Heating System


Free Technical Helpline

Power Rating

150 Watts sqm

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