Underfloor Heating World Loose Cable Kit – 200w

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Underfloor Heating World Loose Cable Kit – 200w

Underfloor Heating World loose cable heating kits provide a reliable and effective underfloor heating system that can work with tiles and many other floor coverings. These loose wire heating cables are laid free hand, therefore, making it ideal for awkwardly shaped areas, for example in bathrooms. Underfloor Heating World loose cable can also be manipulated around curved objects, corners, or even tight spaces. Providing insulation boards are used this Loose Wire system can be used as a primary heat source in all rooms.


0.5sqm, 1sqm, 1.5sqm, 2sqm, 2.5sqm, 3sqm, 3.5sqm, 4sqm, 4.5sqm, 5sqm, 6sqm, 7sqm, 8sqm, 9sqm, 10sqm, 11sqm, 12sqm, 13sqm, 14sqm, 15sqm, 16sqm, 17sqm, 18sqm, 19sqm, 20sqm, 21sqm, 22sqm, 23sqm, 24sqm


No Thermostat, UM1 Manual Thermostat, UM5 Manual Thermostat, UT5 Touch Screen Thermostat White, UT5 Touch Screen Thermostat Silver, UT5 Touch Screen Thermostat Black, UWi5 Wi-Fi Thermostat White, UWi5 Wi-Fi Thermostat Silver, UWi5 Wi-Fi Thermostat Black

Supply Voltage

230 / 240v 50hz


Full Fitting Instructions and Warranty Card Included


Lifetime Warranty on Heating System


Free Technical Helpline

Power Rating

200 Watts sqm

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