Underfloor Heating World Mat Kit – 200w

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Underfloor Heating World Mat Kit – 200w

Underfloor Heating mat 200w/m2. Designed to be a secondary heat source in common areas of your home. If more than 80% of the available floor area is covered, the 200w mats can be used as a primary heat source. Easy to install, they are simply rolled out making them ideal for regularly shaped areas, for example in kitchens, hallways, etc. Underfloor Heating World heating mats can be easily manipulated around objects. And the cable can be pulled off of the mesh backing to be laid free-hand in some areas. The mats measure 0.5m in width and the largest run available on a single mat is 32m in length. It is also recommended that an insulation layer is installed under the heating system. This is especially relevant on a concrete subfloor because the concrete floor will absorb the heat. As a rule of thumb, we would recommend heating between 70 and 90% of your total floor area for maintaining a primary heat source.


0.5sqm, 1sqm, 1.5sqm, 2sqm, 2.5sqm, 3sqm, 4sqm, 5sqm, 6sqm, 7sqm, 8sqm, 9sqm, 10sqm, 11sqm, 12sqm, 13sqm, 14sqm, 15sqm, 16sqm, 17sqm, 18sqm, 19sqm, 20sqm, 21sqm, 22sqm, 23sqm, 24sqm, 25sqm, 26sqm, 27sqm, 28sqm, 29sqm, 30sqm


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Supply Voltage

230 / 240v 50hz

Mat Width


Connection Tail

3m Long Cold / Connection Tails


Full Fitting Instructions and Warranty Card Included


Lifetime Warranty on Heating System


Free Technical Helpline

Power Rating

200 Watts sqm

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